Adult Caregiving: A Crisis at Home…and at Work!

by Kevin K. Johnson, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®

In prior blog posts and newsletters, I’ve made mention that employees that are adult caregivers, often do not share this fact with their colleagues. Did you know that according to AARP, 61% of caregivers age 50+ also work. Do a quick assessment. What percentage of your workforce are over 50-years of age? Do the math and back into the number of your employees age 50+ that are being challenged by adult caregiving; responsibilities that can take your employee’s time and attention away from their work, no matter the profession.

In a recent article in the November 2013 edition of AARP Bulletin, Amy Goyer penned a story titled “A Crisis Around Every Corner”. The article discusses a few of her life experiencesOld couple and their daughter smiling outdoors as a daughter providing caregiving needs for her aging mother and father while working full-time. She mentions the employment choices she faced balanced against the needs of her parents and how she worked her way through. Here’s a quote from Amy.

“Working caregivers like me are everywhere. Some of us are open at work about our caregiving roles, but others keep it to themselves. Those who don’t disclose their caregiving situations may do so for personal reasons, but many keep quiet because they are concerned about repercussions at work. Working caregivers are in the position of keeping (or finding) work while meeting the constantly changing needs of the people we care for. We never know when a crisis is around the corner.”

Amy’s journey as an employee is playing out at almost every company in our country. As an aggregate, it now costs U.S. employers in excess of $32 Billion dollars in lost productivity every year. Here at Caring Concierge, we have been able to positively address this workplace issue to the benefit of the employer and the employee. First, we’ve been able to help employers to understand and acknowledge the degree of lost productivity (in dollars and critical milestones), that they face due to their employees that are adult caregivers. Then we’ve been able to work with employers to implement solutions that effectively assist their valuable employees with their adult caregiving needs while incurring a minimum impact on workplace productivity.

I encourage you to read the short article in the November 2013 issue of AARP Bulletin. It’s a great read and it’s definitely non-fiction!

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