2013 Annual Conference of the American Society on Aging

by Kevin K. Johnson, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®

Thasa_theme_logo[1]is week I am in Chicago participating in ‘Aging in America’, the 2013 Annual Conference of the American Society on Aging. As a professional in the field of aging, and as a Certified Senior Advisor, it is really wonderful to spend time sitting in informative sessions with so many thought leaders discussing the latest research that is available on aging. Yet it is my Engineering and IT background that this year, has me focused on the technology being developed to assist care recipients and their adult caregivers. Sometimes employees of our client company’s have senior caregiving needs that can be optimally addressed by a combination of human interaction and applied technology.

At Caring Concierge, my job is to make sure I know the entire landscape of possibilities that can be deployed on behalf of a care recipient and their caregiver. I’ve met with several potential solution providers; most knowledgable in the technology; others who understand both the technology and the critical  human interface issues unique to the eldercare. I’ll make decisions soon regarding which products I want to examine further. Because I too, am a caregiver for my parents, I will eventually try out products that I think are suitable at my parents home. I have to be assured that anything we recommend works as expected, and yields the value that is advertised.  I have a few more sessions to attend tomorrow before I leave and I’ll be sharing some of my findings with you in the future.

I’ll be back to providing you with pertinent information regarding eldercare in the workplace in my next blog posting.

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