Home for the Holiday’s — Time for an Assessment!

by Kevin K. Johnson, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®

Last December I authored a blog titled “Home for the Holidays … Gather Critical Information On Your Aging Parents“. So many of our client’s employees found the information in that article very beneficial and I appreciated the wonderful feedback I received. This December, I thought I’d provide a companion piece; an important compliment to last December’s blog.

We recommend that adult children perform a care needs assessment while visiting with their parents. These assessments can be conducted on your own but you may also want to have an experienced professional to assist you. Often times though, due to the resistance of the senior, it is easiest for the adult children to perform the assessment.

We recommend the approach to an assessment put forth by AARP; a comprehensive review of a person’s mental, physical, environmental and financial condition. This helps to establish the seniors ability to remain safely independent and identifies risks and ways to reduce those risks. Contact me directly (kevin.johnson@caringconcierge.com) and I’ll be happy to forward a more expansive document regarding how to assess your loved ones situation.

I also encourage you to leverage the excellent scorecard or Assessment Checklist that AARP has created. Email me and I would be happy to also forward that information to you. Together, these are great documents to use this time of the year (or anytime) as you consider the health and independence of your aging parents or other elder family members.

Remember, these two documents, together with the information contained in our blog posting titled “Home for the Holiday’s … Gather Critical Information on Your Aging Parents” from December 14, 2011, provide you with the information you need to assist elders, helping you help them to make good decisions regarding their independence.


We thank each and every one of you for reading our newsletters and our blog posting this year, and we are honored to be of assistance. We wish you and your family, a joyous holiday season and, and a healthy happy 2013!

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