Annual Care Costs in 2011

written by Kevin K. Johnson, CSA

Recently I hosted discussion sessions with employees at client companies. Two topics have been of particular interest with employees. One topic is “the cost of caregiving services” for both an elder loved-one.  A second topic has been “how to plan for the required care” for an elder loved-one and for themselves when necessary. 

I thought I would detail some of the costs that employees are concerned about in this blog posting. The issue of “how to plan for the required care” is a larger issue. I’ll discuss that one in our monthly newsletter.

Some of the employees I spoke with had reached the point where they wanted to compare the costs of various alternatives of care. For example, “can my mother stay in her home” and “how much does that cost?” “If she can’t stay in her home, what are the options and how much do they cost?”


Genworth recently published information on median costs for several categories of eldercare services. For reference, I’ve included costs for three states.

  Ohio California Florida
Home Health Aide $41,367 $48,048 $41,184
Adult Day Health Care $12,969 $20,020 $15,600
Assisted Living Facility* $39,900 $42,000 $31,950
Nursing Home Care** $69,350 $77,745 $76,777

* Private, one bedroom               ** Semi-private room 

This information provides a frame of reference for alternative comparison on price only. Determining which alternative is best for a specific situation is a more complex issue that we help employees work through.

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