Employers Want to Reduce Impact of Absenteeism on Operations

written by Kevin K. Johnson, CSA

Over the past decade, and certainly during the recent recession, employers have been successful in actually increasing overall productivity. Many employers have accomplished this while reducing the size of their work force; a factor that has directly led to less post-recession hiring. Another outcome of reduced workforce is that many employers are so “optimally” staffed that any unexpected absenteeism becomes a critical issue directly impacting company performance. A recent article posted on “Plansponsor“* attests to this issue. 

That article reports that a survey from June 2010 titled “Survey on Absence and Disability Management 2010” found that 46% of employers are making the reduction of absenteeism’s impact on operations a top HR priority.

The report found that employers who link their absence programs to health and life management initiatives are having success in better managing unscheduled employee absences. Read more by accessing the article on the Plansponsor web site, http://www.plansponsor.com/).

* “Plansponsor” is an information and solutions resource for America’s retirement benefits decision makers.


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