Career and Workplace Pressures

Written by Kevin K. Johnson, CSA

I recently came across an interesting set of data and was reminded that we care for seniors that are not only immediate family, but also in-laws, step-parents, and even extended family members. According to Genworth Financial, among those family members reporting adverse affects of the long-term care event on their careers, data show that:

  Immediate Family Step/
Extended Family  
Had to work fewer hours 44% 39% 32%  
Lost a job, changed shifts/missed career opportunities 49% 36% 48%  
Had repeated absences from work 40% 32% 32%  
Were repeatedly late for work 19% 7% 8%  

Regardless of the relationship of the senior to the employee, the impact on the employee’s career is significant. Employers have to be progressive to have solutions in place that assist their employees and minimize this trend and the inevitable negative effect on work productivity.

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