Women Struggle More with Work/Life Issues

Written by Kevin K. Johnson

Statistics quantifying the depth of the problem employees face in providing caregiving needs are finally becoming more prevalent. The following information was recently posted on plansponsor.com.

A North Carolina-based work-life benefit provider has found that women are three times more likely than men to spend at least 25% of their time at work on caregiving responsibilities.

The Workplace Options’ poll of 998 workers indicates women are more likely to see a negative impact in their work due to caregiving responsibilities (25%) in comparison to men (17%). In addition, women are also more likely to suffer from stress (39%) than their male counterparts (27%).

According to a press release, nearly half (48%) of adult caregivers are employed full-time. While 63% of workers considered benefits such as flex time, telecommuting, and counseling to be important in balancing work and personal responsibilities, more than half (53%) are employed at companies that do not offer such benefits, and another one in five workers are not even aware if such benefits exist at their workplaces.?

The survey found 78% of workers say family is their top priority. Only 12% claim themselves as the top priority, and 10% indicate work is their top priority.


About Caring Concierge
Caring Concierge is a risk management company providing employers throughout northeast Ohio with solutions to address business productivity loss caused by employee lost time hours resulting from the crisis of adult caregiving. The Caring Concierge model provides these solutions at no cost to employers. One motivating issue that inspired the creation of Caring Concierge is the personal challenges I've faced juggling work and trying to manage eldercare issues associated with the care and well-being of my elder parents. My efforts in the eldercare issues also extend to volunteer service. I proudly serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fairhill Partners (www.fairhilpartners.org), in Cleveland, OH., a non-profit organization focused on lifelong learning, intergenerational relationships, and successful aging. In addition to academic degrees in Mechanical Engineering (undergraduate) and Business Management (graduate), I have earned the professional designation of Certified Senior Advisor.

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